Debilitated Sun in horoscope

Sun represents soul, father, government, willpower, vitality, self confidence and ego. As per Vedic astrology Sun is said to be debilitated at 10 degrees in the sign of Libra. The sun is exalted in sign of Aries at 10 degrees, exactly 7 places away from its debilitation sign.

Debilitated Sun

Why is sun debilitated in Libra sign?

Well, Libra is an air sign and sun represents fire. The air and fire together creates uncontrollable energy, almost like a wildfire and destroys the significance of the house where it's placed.


  • A false sense of pride and arrogance in the native.
  • Not very good relation with the father or the father may live away from the native.
  • Bad health of father.
  • Low vitality and prone to diseases.
  • Lack of confidence and motivation, weak will power, laziness and dullness in personality.
  • Trouble with government authorities and people at high positions.
  • Trouble in eyes.
  • Since Sun represents heart, these natives could be prone to heart ailments.